A successful, modern business must engage with the digital world, but what are the digital skills that make that possible and help your business to be most effective? 
The pace of change within the digital landscape is rapid, with new technologies competing hard to capture the imagination of the next generation. This makes it even more important for a business to stay up to date and in touch with the latest developments. 
Today, the digital marketplace is as important as the physical marketplace, so having a grasp of the latest digital skills is essential. Among the core elements of digital skills is an understanding of social media, specifically how different social media platforms operate in alternative ways and how individual platforms can best be used to target different audiences. 
As a business, your online presence says a lot about your ethos and services. To get this right, this is most often best served by a dedicated website for your business. Creating a simple website to showcase your business is certainly something that most people can organise themselves with the right guidance. Developing the digital skills to set up and design a simple website of this nature is a very useful ability and if you are in need of a little help to get you heading in the right direction you will soon find yourself flying. 
Once you have a strong and attractive presence online, how do you stand out from the crowd and get people to visit your website? Learning to advertise your services online, through search engines or social media, is another digital skill to master. There are great advantages to online advertising in the precise way your message can be targeted, and its success rate can be monitored. However, operating this in the most effective way to get the best returns is not always straight forward, so having the skills to manage this successfully can be hugely beneficial. 
If you are looking to overcome digital barriers to help your business flourish, Colbea’s collection of courses offers free digital skills training that will not only improve your knowledge in how to establish an online presence, but also explain how you can increase productivity through digital tools with best practice as well as learning how to reach new customers with details of your products and services. 
There are a wide range of subjects covered during the courses, including understanding online behaviour and how to reach your target audience, plus online and offline methods for driving traffic to your online presence, including SEO, paid search, online advertising and PR. There are a total of six sessions to choose from, covering a number of aspects relating to digital skills, including a refresher session reviewing everything covered in the course. You can feel free to attend as many or as few of the sessions as you wish and there are further courses that provide the chance to delve deeper into specific digital skills, such as website development, online sales and e-commerce or driving traffic to your website. 
Click here to read more about our courses or call Colbea today on 01206 848420 and speak to our experienced team. 
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