When and why did you start your business? 

The business was started in 2006, and I bought it in 2018 as was so passionate about the mission and wanted to fulfil its potential. It was initially started to provide highly-functional CRMs to small businesses that wouldn't be able to afford the equivalents from another supplier. Nowadays we serve SMEs across the UK, with business software (ERP) helping them to manage every aspect of their businesses as efficiently as possible. 

Describe your USP. What makes you stand out? 

It all starts with our internal processes. With frequent reviews of our operations leading to constant improvement, every project we deliver is more effective. Agile isn't new, but we create, borrow and refine how we work from many relevant sources to ensure we solve customers' challenges. We're able to serve most industries, but focus on manufacturing - with comprehensive 
What Services or products do you offer? 
• CUSTOM BUSINESS SOFTWARE (ERP) - https://junari.com 
We are accredited Odoo developers, meaning we have access to and immense knowledge of the Enterprise edition of one of the most advanced and cost-effective ERP systems in the world. We can take our customers from nebulus thoughts of wanting to improve efficiency, build their business' value, reduce risk and create stability - and ask the right questions to lead them to exactly what they need to achieve their mission 
• RECYCLY - https://recyc.ly 
Specifically created for IT Asset Disposal (ITAD Businesses) to manage every aspect of the business including: sales, collections, inventory, website, marketing, HR and more. Recycly is being launched in 2023 Q1 to accelerate the growth, effectiveness, and profitability of ITAD businesses from as little as 3 staff up to 100. 

Who are your perfect clients? 

• CUSTOM BUSINESS SOFTWARE - https://junari.com 
UK-based manufacturing businesses with 50-500 IT seats, preferably within 100 miles of Colchester, Essex so we can more easily spend time on-site, but we do travel as needed. Our customers are typically £5m-£50m turnover. 
• RECYCLY - https://recyc.ly 
ITAD businesses with at least 3 staff in any English-speaking country (translations are planned for 2025). 
Please describe you biggest success story to date (business or personal) 
We had a challenging start to 2023 as a result of our previous landlord's criminal activities - and COLBEA have been incredibly supportive, so a giant thanks from us. 

Contact Junari 

Colbea North Tenant 
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