The Change & Grow programme consists of three elements: a Diagnostic of the current business, Development and identification of new skills, and Delivery of putting your newly acquired skills and learning into practice. 
It will ultimately prepare businesses for the long-term future and the changing world around us whilst promoting sustainable growth. 

What’s covered in our Change & Grow programme? 

Diagnostic & Mentoring Support – Each business has the option to undertake a ‘diagnostic session’, which will focus on three core areas of Capacity, Connections, and Cash. After the diagnostic session, your advisor will recommend a minimum of three online workshops for you to attend. 

What’s covered in our Small Business Finance Training Courses?  

Development – Workshops / Webinars and Mentoring – Your advisor will recommend workshops for you, but you are able to choose from any of the following sessions: 
Leadership – injecting you and your business with positivity 
Creativity – new approaches to problem-solving 
Business Growth – Aligning your business to the growth you want 
Sales – creating a process for success 
Marketing – right message, right place, right time 
Finance – avoiding financial hell 
Delivery – Follow-on sessions with your business mentor to help you continually develop your business. 

Events in this Collection 

 Change & Grow – Sales. 

 Sales is often a small business’s biggest challenge, but there are techniques that can improve your processes, build relationships, and deliver results. This session will take you through three key steps.    The Customer Journey  Building a Sales Process  Setting Up for Success   

 Change & Grow – Marketing 

 Are your marketing efforts directed at the right people? The key is to put your message in front of people who can and will buy. We will explore three key elements of a successful marketing campaign.    Strategy  Storytelling  Distribution   

 Change & Grow – Creativity 

 Do you find yourself defaulting to the same solutions and ways of thinking?  In this interactive webinar, we will explore techniques that will help you to look at daily challenges with fresh eyes.    Tapping into your creativity  Reflect before you react  Creativity through collaboration   

 Change & Grow – Leadership 

 The traditional thinking around leadership is focused on leading large organisations, yet the leadership needed is different, it must be relevant to the kind of agile work we do. You are the embodiment of the business, therefore what we do, how we do it and what we say matters.     Your competitive advantage  Entrepreneurial Leadership  Thought Leadership   

 Change & Grow – Growth 

 A scalable business needs all three elements of growth but knowing what they are and how one might achieve them is not an easy task and it’s a much-needed step. We will use the Business Model Canvas to explore all three areas of design in this workshop.     Product to market  Market to business model  Business model to investors   

 Change & Grow – Finance 

 Being financially illiterate will inevitably hold you back. In this workshop we introduce finance from a position of understanding the language to facilitate controls. We should never abdicate finance to others; as entrepreneurs we should consider all aspects of this as a driver of good business success.     ‘Financial Plumbing’  Key measures  The business model   

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