BIG – A Network of Business Owners

Join Colbea’s BIG event – a monthly meeting that sits between 1:1 mentoring  and one to many workshops. Each month we build an invaluable library of business skills on essential business topics. Meet local businesses, gain confidence in networking whilst taking time to reflect upon your business among a friendly crowd. 

BIG is NOT just another business networking club, it’s much MUCH more than that!


About BIG

We are more than another business networking group, the BIG event is here to support you via training, education and help for your business, wherever you are on your business journey, including:


  • An interactive bootcamp to develop your business with the help of experts covering essential topics
  • Free access to Colbea Business Advisors for expert advice and mentoring
  • Support to develop your business from Colbea Sponsors
  • Members discounts on Colbea meeting and training rooms
  • Information about business start-up and personal development services available
  • Monthly business networking
  • Breakfast refreshments for BIG attendees


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BIG in 2016

The Lean Start-Up Methodology – Eric Ries’s best selling book is the basis for BIG 2016 Jun to Dec

We want to make sure that all activity is pulling in the same direction. The Bootcamp will motivate and challenge you to be a better business person. Make a commitment you can keep, join us every month to increase your skills and improve the odds of business success. Click big-leaflet-jul-dec-2016 to learn more about our on-going Bootcamp

BIG in 2017

Keller’s Brand Equity Model – Create additional revenue by Building a Powerful Brand – BIG 2017 Jan to Jun

Over the next six month we will be covering Keller’s Brand Equity model. Kevin Keller, a marketing professor at the Tuck School of Business developed this model. It appears in his book “Strategic Brand Management.” and has been a pivotal aspect of marketing since. Click big-leaflet-jan-jun-2017 to learn more about our future curriculum.


How to join?

Come along to BIG at the North Colchester Business Centre, 340 The Crescent, Severalls Business Park, Colchester CO4 9AD between 7.45 am and 9.30 am.

No joining fee, and an all-inclusive membership fee of only £12 per month (incl. VAT).

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